Wise Blood (2015) an opera based on the novel by Flannery O’Connor
for five voices, brass ensemble, double bass, keyboards, percussion

The Making of Americans (2008), an opera based on the novel by Gertrude Stein
for six voices, string quartet, bass clarinet, keyboards, 2 percussion

The Sense of an Ending (2012) for string octet
Plastic Facts (2012) for saxophone quartet
Portrait of Eva Hesse (2011) for two or more percussion
The Sheltering Sky (2006) two movements for violin and piano.
Unbreak My Heart (2005) for four guitars
Black Dog/Lucky Dog (2001) for string quartet and electric guitar
Because a Pony (for John Lennon) (2002), for solo electric guitar
Eat a Peach (2002) for chamber orchestra and voices, text by Mac Wellman
Lucky Dreams (2001) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, marimba, piano
Dance You Monster To My Soft Song! (2001) for chamber ensemble
Falling and Waving
 (2000) for piano trio
An Uncertain Grace
 (1999) for piano trio

Trio (In Memoriam Antonin Artaud) (1989) for piano trio
The Sheltering Sky (1996) for violin and piano
Hoquetus (2000) for two pianos

Sabbath Lily’s 1st Song (2015) for soprano, from the opera Wise Blood
Mrs. Flood Proposes
(2015) for soprano, from the opera Wise Blood
Choral Selections from The Making of Americans (2008) for SSSATB, text by Gertrude Stein
This ae night (1999) for SATB chorus, anonymous 14th century lyric
The Song of the Disaster (1990) for soprano and piano, text by Maurice Blanchot

Straight to Hell (for Joe Strummer)
Farewell to an idea
Air Spinning / Skies of America
Send the Children
, text and voice of California Congressman Ron Dellums

Monster (2010), dance theater, music and sound design commissioned by Rebecca Pappas and Dancers
Elijah’s Wake (2009), music and sound design commissioned by Open Eye Figure Theater
Madmen and Horses (2007) music video installation